Two Legendary Italian Companies Have Paired up to Design the First Ferrari Bicycle


Ferrari is known for their high-performance cars and worldwide track domination. Bianchi is the world's foremost designer of bicycles. With a shared love for innovation and speed, the two companies have a lot more in common than it would appear on the surface. Now, they're pairing up, and, with legendary Ferrari intuition, together they're revolutionizing the art of bicycle design.

At Ferrari of San Antonio, we don't plan on getting out of the car business anytime soon, but these new bikes are definitely swoon-worthy.

The limited-edition Bianchi-Ferrari racing bike is beautiful, but it isn't just something you can pick up at your neighborhood bike shop, much like how a Ferrari isn't the type of car you can find just anywhere. But, that's part of what makes it so special. So far, only five of these new bicycles have been built.

Getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari car may be a little less elusive, especially with our help. Stop by and visit us, and let our sales team show you our collection of incredible Ferrari models.

Experience the thrill of legendary Ferrari design and performance from behind the wheel of one of our elite sportscars, and see for yourself why so many drivers with distinct tastes around the world choose Ferrari time and again, and get a taste of the kind of engineering and innovation that goes into every vehicle, and now every bicycle, the carmaker produces.

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