If the Incredible Ferrari GTC4 Lusso Can Tackle the Himalayas, It Can Definitely Handle San Antonio Highways


After more than a week of proving its mettle in the Himalayan mountains, the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso has proven to us here in Texas, and to Ferrari fans around the globe, that it's a mighty car capable of incredible feats. Here at Ferrari of San Antonio, this epic adventure just makes us even more proud to be your local home for world-class, elite sportscars.

The new Ferrari GTC4 Lusso spent eight days navigating the winding roads of the southern Himalayan range. Far from its home in Italy, this car travelled nearly 2,000 miles on sometimes rugged terrain.

The journey proved many things about the quality of build and solid craftsmanship that goes into Ferrari cars, and it showed the world that the GTC4 Lusso, and Ferrari cars as a lineup, are more than just a pretty face. They've also got brawn and ability that goes along with their unmatched beauty.

If you'd like to explore the ways you can get behind the wheel of a one-of-a-kind Ferrari of your own, we can help. Our collection of available vehicles is stocked with incredible options you can browse, test drive, and purchase today.

Stop by and visit us in person, and let our sales team show you the strength and beauty that go hand in hand to make every Ferrari vehicle a phenomenal choice.

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