Ferrari of San Antonio - Honoring the Tradition of the Ferrari Name


Ferrari fans and owners are a varied lot, encompassing countries and various personality types from around the globe. The island of Sardinia, with its varied mountainous and coastal regions, is a diverse land. So, what better place to bring together Ferrari fans than the gorgeous, versatile island in the Mediterranean?

That's exactly what happened recently when the 2018 Cavalcade Classiche was held last month on Sardinia for Ferrari drivers, and the event was a stunning display of tradition and elegance.

The September 2018 event marked the second annual Cavalcade Classiche on the picturesque island of Sardinia. Bringing together classic Ferrari collectors from around the world, the four-day event showcased some of the most gorgeous models our favorite carmaker ever produced.

While we didn't make it to visit Sardinia in person for the event, we here at Ferrari of San Antonio have enjoyed reading about it and seeing the incredible pictures from across the ocean.

Even if you didn't get to Italy to see the collection of classic Ferrari models for yourself, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the beauty of a Ferrari right here in San Antonio.

In our collection of available inventory, we have a number of unbeatable Ferrari cars, including several classics you can drive and take home for yourself.

Stop by and visit us soon, and let us show you our world-class collection, and help you experience firsthand what makes Ferrari one of the most beloved, and loyalty-inducing, brands in the world.

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