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Exclusivity and Endurance: The Ferrari F12tdf

With an emphasis on engine, aerodynamics, and vehicle dynamics, the F12tdf has proven itself as the top speed-demon of our time. Break barriers like never before as you speed through The Dominion in this delectably rare and awe-inspiring machine, harnessing the tdf power deep inside your soul. Welcome to the top of the food chain: this beast backs down for nothing and no one.

Be Seen

The sophisticated design development on the F12tdf seamlessly combines bold aerodynamic features with swift sculptural subtleness, creating a mysterious aesthetic that begs to be shown off. Shockingly beautiful, but not without purpose, everything about the F12tdf body is carefully crafted with performance in mind. The provocative channels along the sides of the F12tdf are strategically aerodynamic, sucking outside air away from the roof to produce a powerful downforce, ultimately decreasing drag as you pick up speed. Intentional design elements cannot be ignored when you observe the F12tdf's updated Aerobridge, which stands apart with its bare carbon-fiber build. You'll be turning heads as you hug the winding roads of Alamo Heights with sharp precision, all thanks to the F12tdf's new Virtual Short Wheelbase system. This new system improves the responsiveness and agility of the car while also improving stability at high speeds. The trick is in the automatically adjusting rear axel steering, allowing the rear wheels to pivot around a vertical axis.

Be Heard

Peak under the hood to find out what all that noise is about. The V12 Engine, the beating heart of the F12tdf beast, churns out a pulse-racing maximum power of 769 HP at 8500 rpm. With the ability to accelerate from zero-60 in 2.9 seconds (or zero-124 mph in 7.9 seconds if you're feeling spunky), you're sure to find yourself pushed deep into the cockpit as you pick up speed. Exceptional modifications to this already impressive engine, such as the use of race-inspired mechanical tappets and variable-geometry intake trumpets, boost volumetric efficiency at ultra-high revs. The result: a symphony that can be heard throughout all of Shavano Park. Need a break from it all? The new Extreme Design one-piece brake calipers give you the ultimate control to bring the beast to a standstill.

This Special Series Limited Edition F12tdf is the ultimate driving experience for at-home driving and extreme circuit track driving. With only 799 built, this exclusive vehicle is a prize-possession for the most elite and passionate drivers. Are you ready to join the ranks of the select few to get behind the wheel of this incredible machine? Inquire further at Ferrari of San Antonio.